Cris Crochemore & Blues Groovers' latest album,
"Guitar Playing Dude" is an album where Crochemore and the Groovers reinforce what they had been doing in Freeman Blues in an even more mature way, while keeping the same sound idea.
Rock, with vigorous, ballads as sweet as strong, hot solos, monolithic bases, solid and at the same time inciting the audience to dance, sing along.
Recorded in an alternative tuning, at 432 hz, lower than the conventional one, providing more harmonic timbres.
The 432 tuning, in addition to the interesting mystique, brings a cooler vibe to the vocals, and to the instruments, like a guitar with a lower tone, and the drums, with an even deeper sound.
The creative partnerships are repeated as in the previous one, bringing Cris Crochemore and Otavio Rocha , in the initial kicks of the songs and riffs, while Charles Zanol and Pedro Strasser, translate Cris' melodies into spoken language.


     In 2012, Freeman Blues  emerged from the natural need to bring new compositions to the public, after the release of the album Play It Again which was very well received even by critics.
Play it Again, was an album that indicated a path, through the influences that are part of Cris Crochemore's musical formation , in  personalized re-recordings. Freeman Blues catalyzed it all into 12 brand new songs.
Produced by Cris Crochemore, Otavio Rocha and Pedro Garcia, and also bringing Beto Werther in the production of vocals with Crochemore, the album won the super participation of North American guitarist Brent Johnson, in two tracks, Your Touch and Twenty Five Years.
The album provided Crochemore  with an article in Guitar Player magazine, where Twenty Five Years enters a list of 60 guitar solos you should listen to.
Freeman Blues as well as Play it Again, had several of its songs played on several radio stations in Brazil and around the world, appearing as the most played in some radios.


    Cris Crochemore's solo career begins with Play it Again, released in 2011 by the Delira Blues label, which launched at the same time other artists from the blues scene in Rio de Janeiro, such as Blues Etílicas, Mauricio Sahadi, Ricardo Werther, among others.
Play it Again was the first, whose line-up had Helio Ratis on drums and Luciano Mendes on bass.
Otávio Rocha and Beto Werther participated in both the production and recording, at this time as producers of the label. In the sequence they came to integrate all the following albums, officially with the formation of the Blues Groovers.
An album with only two original songs, in addition to re-recordings by authors who are part of the guitarist's musical essence, served as a signal for the others, solidifying his style in his own compositions.
Influences range from Johnny Winter, Willie Dixon  to Queens of Stone Age or Paul Weller whose traits can be identified in the following records.
Play It Again was recorded in studio 15 in Teresópolis, by bassist Luciano Mendes, with the intention of being a last rehearsal, before the actual recording.
The result was unexpectedly satisfactory, encouraging that recording to become the record. That is what happened.
By the hands of Pedro Garcia, who kept the “raw” sound of the recording, all in 8 channels, with a minimum of overdubs, it provides the feeling that you are watching the band live.



  In 2013, came the invitation to participate in the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival, one of the biggest blues festivals in South America, marked by the release of the album Freeman Blues, making the occasion even more special.
The show recorded live, by the festival's production, was a DVD released a year later.
Mixed by Fher Costa, the dvd brings a good record of the night, showing a mixed repertoire with songs from the first two albums, as well as reinterpretations of some classics, played with a lot of pressure.
A few years later, this partnership is repeated with the release of the Mississippi Delta Blues Records label, where Cris Crochemore & Blues Groovers are the first artists to be released.


Tweed Smith, former backing vocalist for the legendary band WAR, created by Eric Burdon, immortalized in songs such as Slippin in the darkness, Why can we be friends, Kisco Kid.

With Tweed, Cris Crochemore and more musicians from different parts of the world, they form Tweed Smith and the Internationals, a band that, in addition to several copyright blues, released in the recent “Blues of all Nations”, has the band's repertoire in their concert .

In 2019 TSI was the winning band of the Houston stage (HBS) of the International Blues Challenge, by the International Blues Foundation, taking Crochemore alongside Mrs Tweed, to Memphis for the big annual competition where they went to the semifinals, leaving the name of the band marked in the public and in the media after their electrifying performances.


Recorded w Daniel Gonzaga

Recorded w Humberto Barros

Recorded w Humberto Barros